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Topic  Speaker  Workshop Date/Time
Sales  Stephen Rezac Selling In A Virtual World
Whether you are a one-person enterprise or a leader of a larger organization, this impactful sales training session will provide you with key skills on how to prospect better and sell more effectively in today’s virtual world
Thursday Dec 3rd
Ron Harvey
Topic: Developing Crisis Resilient Business Leaders
Abstract: Learn how to identify and optimize the key leadership strategies needed to successfully influence and set your organization up for future success
Thursday Dec 3rd
Bobby Robinson
Topic: Strategic Partnership, Joint
Venture Best Practices
This workshop will provide an overview of strategic alliances such as joint ventures and M&A, and how Minority Business Enterprises can leverage strategic alliances to aid in their growth and scale to remain competitive
Thursday Dec 3rd
9:20 – 10:00am
Kade Kimber
Topic: LinkedIn: The Fundamentals to Posting, Privacy & Content Planning
This session will cover the basic information to help you get started in posting & sharing content on LinkedIn, along with determining appropriate privacy settings. You’ll learn what you can & can’t do when it comes to posting, editing, and sharing text/mixed-media content; who will see your personal activity; how you can see access & utilize analytics about your content’s reach—even on personal posts; (A PDF reference guide will be provided
Thursday Dec 3rd
9:20 – 10:00am
LaSonya Berry
Topic: How to Improve Your HR Strategy and Function During Continuous Disruption
Business owners and corporations need to learn how to safeguard their people and organization in the midst of crisis, uncertainty, recessions and other challenges causing employee disengagement. There is an unprecedented amount of turnover and overwhelmed employees. In this session, leaders will learn 5 strategies to protect and improve your HR operations so you can focus on meeting your goals.
Thursday Dec 3rd
9:20 – 10:00am
Marjilette Brown
Topic: Opportunities in the Portal, MBE understanding of certification, MBE Class Revenue levels
Topic: NMSDC Central: MBE 2 MBE Search Tool & Collaboration Survey
We are pleased to announce the MBE2MBE Search Tool and the MBE2MBE Collaboration Survey is now available!!! Here’s a summary of the benefits for participating in the MBE2MBE Collaboration Program.

  • Find other MBEs for potential MBE2MBE business ventures.
  • Access to our MBE database.
  • Verify certification status of other MBEs
Thursday Dec 3rd
10:10 – 10:50am
Dr. Kenston Griffin
Topic: It Takes Two to Make A Thing called Collaboration go Right
The focus is on the Power of an effective Collaboration between Corporations, MBE’s, Corporations to Corporations and MBE’s to MBE’s.
Listen, Learn and Leverage
Thursday Dec 3rd
10:10 – 10:50am
Owning Your Digital Footprint
Kirk Nugent
Topic: Owning Your Digital Footprint
Digital was always a major component of Business success and the Pandemic has only made it more pronounced. In this session we’ll discuss the current reality and how you can leverage it.
Session Focus – What it means to be intentional about your Digital Footprint
1. A 2020 Definition of the Digital Footprint
2. Impact of Digital Footprint for better or worse
3. What it means to truly Own your Digital Footprint
Thursday Dec 3rd
11 – 11:40am
Harnessing Machine Learning
Kenya Paul
Session Title – Harnessing Machine Learning/A.I. Abstract/ Description
The Future of Technology is the ability to automate as much as possible. By using Artificial Intelligence, we are able to increase efficiency to almost every area of our lives. From Production, information security, climate change adaption, farming, predicting the future, and may other ways that we can begin to imagine – we are only at the beginning of the A.I. revolution.
Session Focus – The impact Machine Learning.
1. What is the difference between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
2. How it is being used?
3. Do you need it? Is it worth the Risk?
Thursday Dec 3rd
10:10 – 10:50am